Treats n Treats

Alhamdulillah, last Friday was indeed a good day for me!

After the PTM, eldest daughter surprised us with a treat at 18 Chefs. Yumss…. simply love the Black Beauty dessert!


Then upon reaching home, I finally had a chance to really view my youngest daughter’s report book. All praise to the Almighty! Her first term in secondary school has been good to her. I hope the same progress of good efforts will be seen for the mid-year exam as well.

She has improved tremendously … I must say I am indeed proud of her! She has somehow bloom this year … for the first time in her life, she passed her maths with a score of 84. The highest score among her subjects, followed by English (79), science (71) and the rest of the subjects such as Malay language, F&N, History, Geography and Art, scoring between 61-66 🙂

I am happy but I told her not to get over confident and that to always continue to work hard …. whatever achievements she gets, will only be the results of efforts and more importantly the will of God. Effort and His Will makes the two most powerful combinations. So never slack in the effort area and never forgets to make doa (supplications).

As for my 2nd daughter, her PTM as I’ve expected did not go too well. She has to work hard to improve her academic results. This year and next year … are crucial years. She told me she will do so and I pray and hope it will turn out as we all hope in the end. Insya’Allah!

Aamiin …


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