Bonding time and Bintan …

Alhamdulillah, my eldest daughter had safely reached home last night. Looking a bit more darker, thanks to the sea and the sun over at Bintan 🙂

It was a relief for me to have her back home but she was too tired to say much last night. So all of us went to bed early,  since I was also feeling a bit peaky, have been having headache and sneezing through the day.

Then, this morning, we both woke up early and we went to Buona Vista to collect her school blazer. She has been selected to represent her cohort at the state funeral for the late Mr LKY.

I took the opportunity to have a mother and daughter bonding time via our breakfast time together. We went to the Warong De Holland and had tosai and prata together. As we ate, she started sharing with me the experienced and adventures she had at Bintan.

They had spent the last four days doing water activities, flying fox and many more. She told me as she spent her time in Bintan, she kept thinking of her late maternal grandfather.  She said somehow being near the sea brought a connection to him. I was quite surprised to hear this from her since she had never seen her maternal grandfather, not physically. Yet I supposed it can happen since the lineage of the sea people runs through her.

Yes, my late father (May Allah bless him), was a seaman …. a sailor and since Aceh and Bintan were connected many years ago, it would not be a surprised to have a connection while being there.

She said she loved the sunrise over there but she missed home by the third day. She also related how one of her friend had a scary encounter at the camp, not once but twice!. Luckily, the “thing” did not physically disturb them.

She also shared many fotos of their activities over there but these two fotos are my favourite! Pics of the sunrise over at the island 🙂

Subhanallah! Simply gorgeous!

After our chit chat and breakfast, we made our way home. Now, my eldest is having her much needed nap. Tomorrow will be another long and busy day for her.

PS: To the Lee’s family, my condolences on the death of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I have always respected Mr LKY and am thankful that the Almighty appointed him as the PM of our country and as the founder of Modern Singapore. I am grateful for all that he has done for this country of ours. No man is perfect and so for those many out there who are critical of him, please be reminded that what he has done (the good and positive), outweighs more than his shortcomings.  As I’ve mentioned to my friends sometime ago, it is not an easy task to even be a head of our own family, what more to be a head of a whole nation with millions of people at stake, with the many diversity in language, culture and beliefs. So kudos to Mr LKY and Thank You Sir!




One thought on “Bonding time and Bintan …

  1. I love the sunset pictures busu.Wonderful feeling.Likewise busu,alhamdulillah.There is no denying what he had contributed to Singapore n the people.We have our complains but he was a tool with Allah’s Will.Alhamdulillah..for the safe n peace living.

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