Somethings to remember, cherish and be thankful….

Today, 17th March, my husband’s late father’s birthdate. He would have been 82 years old today….. Al-fatihah!

Somehow the old man is much more dearer to me in my heart than his other half … hmm… and I do not think this way because he’s no longer around … rather I have always feels this way even when he was alive. Frankly there are so many similar traits of him in my husband. Perhaps being the eldest puts him in a position to resemble his father more closely ….. without him realising it.

Yesterday, we received a good news regarding our eldest daughter. Before that, she did informed me, weeks ago, that she was nominated for the EAGLES Award but since it was just a nomination, I did not think more of it. So when she came home with the letter and shouted with joy, calling my name and telling me SHE GOT IT!!! I was happy for her 🙂




Well done and hopefully all the awards you’ve have achieved so far will continue to spur you to achieve more excellence in your learning journey 😉

Also, last evening, I was able to fulfill the cravings for ddeokbokki by one of my husband’s cousin. She requested the day before and alhamdulillah, I was able to get my hands on all the ingredients. So after work yesterday, I cooked for her and she came down to collect with her family. We had a good time chatting and interacting! Her children are soo adorable especially the youngest one who has just celebrated her 1st birthday! 🙂

She commented that I should consider selling the ddeokbokki hahahaa…. I teased her and said “jual kat pasar malam eh” hehee 😉

I’m just glad they love what I cooked, that itself is one of the greatest rewards for me 🙂

I have another good news but this one the outcome is not confirm yet so I shall just keep it to myself first 😉

Something to look forward to and I believe when something is meant for you, it will be yours no matter what. Allahu Akhbar!







2 thoughts on “Somethings to remember, cherish and be thankful….

  1. Alhamdulillah congrats eldest daughter!May you soar in every level you step into aamiin.Congrats happy for you n family,with diligent children n all.Keep it up ya!And that sounds awesome whatever you’re looking forward to.Semoga rezeki pelbagai bertambah utk busu sefamily aamiin.Enjoy your goody newsy!Muahh!

    • Terimakasih Cik Sri 😘 dan aamiin to ur doa … Semoga doa yg sama dan lebih lagi diberi pada Sri sekeluarga juga. 💓

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