What a week!

First, the news of a slashing incident at my eldest daughter’s school. That was a shocker and the moment I heard it, I quickly called my eldest. Alhamdulillah, she was not near the incident.

All my gals were given pep talk by me that very evening. A reminder to them to ensure they are more careful of their surroundings and to choose their friends wisely.

The two boys involved in the fight are now under investigation and recent news indicated that the attacker will be charged for causing hurt to the victim.

Second, I received a call yesterday at about 9.50 am, informing me that my youngest had fainted in school. Without any delay, I applied for urgent leave and rushed to the school. Alhamdulillah, after seeing the doctor at the polyclinic and doing all kinds of tests which include ECG and full blood count, she was deemed as fit. Since she is underweight, quite serious according to the doctor, he prescribed her a month worth of vitamins. So that could be the reason why she fainted… hmm frankly she has no problem eating but perhaps her metabolism rate is too high. Whatever it is, I am just glad there’s no major serious illness in her.

WowWeee!!! … this week is truly an adrenalin rush week for me. I’m just glad these are events that do not have serious implications to my children.

Hoping the weekends will be more of a relax manner for me …. 🙂


4 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Busu,that slashing incident did rang me in wonder if your daughter goes to the same college.Glad she was not there to even witness it.Might be traumatising for shocked onlookers.Ya Allah..moga takde la drama macam tu lagi.
    And glad your bongsu daughter is all fine.Macam Husain la..underweight kuruuss tapi makan boleh tahan.The health admin via pri school gave a letter to report his underweight as something like fats susah nak maintain kat badan or health issues.But he is ok in syaa Allah…:-D

    • Oh husain oso has the same isu … Hopefully as they grow older this won’t be an issue anymore … Tu lah tinggi kurus mcm lidi si wafa tu 😉

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