I can’t believe I am now a mother of an 18 years old girl.  Where has my little girl go? She was just 2.7 kg upon birth, the smallest and the lightest among my 3 daughters but the only one with the chubbiest cheeks 🙂

When she was 3 yrs old, she cared for me while I was sick …. she fed me, holding the spoon in her small hands and slowly feeding me bit by bit till I finished the whole plate of rice. Every time I came out of the toilet, she would rush with a towel and wipe my feet dry. Till now, she has always been the first to ask how I am and the most active in looking after me.

Today, at 18, my eldest girl has grown to be a young woman with a maturity in thinking that sometimes I think goes beyond her age.

She has become more confident and has learnt a lot on how to manage her studies and time in school.

But there’s more I wish for her as she begins another lap of journey to adulthood.  Ya Rabb! Bestow upon my girl(s) iman, ilmu and akhlaq.  They are still lacking in these.  Bestow upon them Your Forgiveness, Your Protection and Your Blessings! Amiin Amiin Amiin 40x

Happy Birthday N.H.!

Ibu loves you so! ❤ ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “18

    • Aamiin … Thks Cik Sri for the wishes and doa …. Mmg best tapi makin dewasa kadang makin risau pun ada 😉

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