Of ‘little’ garden and cuteness …

I was out accompany my little “cucu sedara” (grandniece) just now and as I left her to play at the playground together with her aunt Yana, I discovered a little garden just around the corner near the playground.  It was behind,  a bit way off from sight, so no wonder I have not discovered it till now. I was so happy… such a delight and I spent a few minutes exploring the garden.  It’s so near my house and best of all, I also discovered there’s a bbq pit for reservation just next to it. A good find cos next family gathering perhaps we can book the bbq pit and have fun over there 🙂


The “little” garden ….


Over at the garden, I saw these flowers …. so beautiful!


I really really wish I have green fingers … would love to have a pot of these birds-eye chillies.

Oohh! don’t they look so fresh!



Corn plants ….. I hope next time I checked on this garden, I will see the corns hanging out!


Fragrant pandan (screwpine) leaves …. hmmm …


Chives and many more plants …



Coriander leaves  … 

Heaven on earth …. heaven for my sight! 😉

 Talking about heaven …. children are also a heaven for the mind and sight. Having two consecutive days spent with small children are a balm to my soul.  I prefer interacting with kids than adults. They are pure in heart and actions. When happy, they laugh, when sad, they cry, when angry, they show their anger, totally no pretense in them. Wholesome and cute even when they are naughty, don’t you think so too? I wish I am a child in temperament, no need to think of “socially proper” behaviour huhu ….

Anyway, yesterday, I had the pleasure of playing  teasing and just watching Deja and little Simra antics around the house.  Especially Simra, that little girl is quite a tease and her smile can just melt anyone’s heart 😉


Deja is growing up into one clever and pretty girl. A few more years and she will be a teen.  Watching the girls growing reminds me of how fast I’m aging hahahaa…. soon to be senior citizen  😛

Today and tomorrow, I have the pleasure of Elayna as company. Her father sent her over early this morning and she has been nothing but a good girl. So feminine and easy to look after.


She’s sitting next to me now, watching me typing and you know what? She has just whispered to me “Nek Su, sayaanng Nek Su!” (which means I love you, grandma Su) …. how sweet is that? hahahaa…. such cuteness and those words just warm my heart.

I truly treasure these words …. hope I will never forgets these wonderful words uttered from the mouth of babes.

Her words brought back memories of Little Hadi (May Allah bless him). Hadi once said similar words to me, he whispered in my ear while I was holding him at the hospital …. “sayaanngg mak long Hadi!”.  Awwww ….wished I could go back in time to re-play those moments with him again. Alas! it’s just wishful thinking.

Alhamdulillah …  for these precious moments!




3 thoughts on “Of ‘little’ garden and cuteness …

    • Sri … Terimakasih tapi baik busu betul ke tidak hanya Allah swt saja yg tahu …. InsyaAllah semoga kita semua menjadi hamba Allah yg baik dipandanganNya ….
      Sayaanngg Sri juga tau! 😘

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