I had fun attending the “Terrarium Making Workshop” today. This workshop was organised by our staff welfare committee. Thank You!!!! 🙂

Held during lunch time, we were taught how to do our own closed terrarium which can be placed either at home or in the office.


The Closed Terrarium Bottles made during the workshops …

A few things to bear in mind in taking care of the terrarium are:

– Do not placed the bottle under direct sunlight (Can use fluorescent light for lightings)
– Requires 6 to 8 hours of lightings per day
– Water only once every 6 to 1 year (1 tbsp only)
– If heavy condensation happens, open the lid to ventilate it for about half an hour (once a month)
– If plants grows to the top, can either trim the top part of the plant or leave it as it is
– For first time making the terrarium, water the roots with 2-3 tbsp of water

For those interested to try, here are the steps in making a closed terrarium.

Step 1 : Select a glass container with a lid and get ready all other materials as shown.


Step 2 : Pour a layer of small gravel/pebble/stone at the bottom to provide drainage for the water in the terrarium.



Step 3 : Pour a layer of charcoal on top of the gravel. Charcoal is used in a closed environment to help get rid of odour and keep the air fresh.


Step 4 : Next, pour the potting mix soil. Make a hole in the center. Use up to only 1/3 of the bottle, do not use more (to allow room for the plant to grow).


Step 5 : Insert the plant into the hole and cover it gently with the soil.


Step 6 : Add the decorative pebbles on top of the soil to secure the plant and lastly, add any decorative pieces you like in the terrarium.


There you have it, your very own personal terrarium 🙂

Below is my terrarium …. and it has been placed on my work table for my viewing pleasure everyday 😉



For more info, you can visit Little Green Pot





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