Words we utter … A reflection!

I have been observing and reflecting on the going-ons in the office.
I realised how we, humans, just love to judge others based on our own beliefs and values. Most of this judging are mostly negative and like a virus can spread its malice unto others as well.

I also noted that how much we belief in a person’s words has a lot to do with our own agenda (needs). Even if the other party is wrong, but because “we are friends”, we would naturally be more tolerant and even closed one-eye to any wrongs that particular “friend” did or say.

So how “good” a friend are we if we were to persist in doing so?

I hope through my observation and reflection, I will be more aware of my own actions and words. Everyone of us are responsible for our own actions and words and thus, should not blame unto others.

I am becoming more “friendless” because now I have a tendency to speak in a direct manner and have no patience for wishy-washy and even less for hypocrisy … even in myself.

Yet I find peace in doing so …. friends or not, I am a loner by nature, and have always been comfortable in my own company.

Less said the better when we are in crowds or chat rooms …. I have to try harder in this aspect 😦

Say only what we mean and say words that bring goodness to ourselves and others….

Avoid people that affect us negatively … intentions must not be because we think we are good or proud of ourselves but because we want to safeguard our thoughts and emotions.

Safety first … in words, thoughts and deeds …



2 thoughts on “Words we utter … A reflection!

  1. Over the years,our friends are narrowed down to family if I may say so myself.As we grow older,what we need most is that innerpeace n living clear consciencely n commit to what or who matters only.
    Words texted n uttered can be easily misconstrued.I believe we are responsible for what we say or text but not for how others understand it.Innerpeace is Wealth kan busu. πŸ˜€

    • Betul betul betul Sri, totally agree with your points there .. πŸ™‚
      Innerpeace is most precious and now busu is more at peace with my own company and my children’s company. Dah tak lagi mencari utk gi “outing” dgn kekawan … dah tak lagi rasa perlu itu semua, makin byk bergaul rasanya makin byk silap akan berlaku so lebih baik dok diam2 kat rumah πŸ˜‰

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