I’m on leave today and now travelling to the eastern part of the island. Personal matters have me running about today. To the east early this morning and to the central later in the afternoon.

It’s going to be a long and tiring day but I’m happy 😉

Travelling distance is not an issue to almost anyone when the destination is a place we either have to go or want to go.

Usually places we have to go are those places that means doing something important and places we want to go has to be the pleasure of meeting people or gaining something (eg shopping, sight-seeing etc.

One of the key points when distance become a reason for not traveling to any particular destination is when the heart feels distance either towards the place or the people.

I had people who used to frequently travel to my abode though they stayed far and vice versa. That’s when theirs and my hearts distance were close. But when changed occurred and hearts grew distance, the visitation stops.

This is natural … It is the way of life. That’s why we see ourselves come and go in each other’s life.

So as much as physical distance is important to note so do the distance of hearts and relationshiip.

I, myself have begun to distance myself from many people, especially those in facebook and chats. I choose this way cos I am more peaceful with the lack of communication and interaction.

No use doing all these if it’s going to corrupt the tongue and mind.

Not trying to be anti-social but rather I’m choosing to interact and communicate more sensibly and only when necessary.

People change all the time, sometimes without us realising it and reaching forty has indeed changed me a lot.

Whether the change is good or bad, I have no idea… Leaving everything to the Almighty to decide for me.



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