Eye matters

23 Jan 2015 – went for eye check-up @ NUH Medical Centre, courtesy of the NTU Healthy Lifestyle.

The appointment was at 4.29 pm and I reached there around 4.10 pm and it was almost 5.20 pm by the time I left the medical centre.

My results from the check-up were :

– I need to have new reading glasses. Both near and far-sighted are not good. I also have astigmatism.

– Eye-pressures are normal.

– I have shallow angle which means there’s a chance of glaucoma occurring should my eye-pressure increase. I was advised to undergo another further check-up to determine whether the shallow angle issue is serious or not.

So now, I have to decide whether to go to the polyclinic and seek a referral or leave matters alone till …. well anything can happen, but I suppose precautions are better than cure.

Getting the referral is just to ensure I get a subsidise rate for my medical payment … but of course that will mean an appointment date that will be perhaps 1 or 2 months away.  If I want a faster appointment date, I can just make one straightaway but it will be more expensive (the cost).

So so … visit to polyclinic it is, though I have yet to decide when to go hmm…

More important right now is to get a new pair of glasses. So one thing at a time and everything has its timing … Insya’Allah!



2 thoughts on “Eye matters

  1. Sri Ismail says:

    Welcome to my club of being astig near far sightedness hee.I read by age 40 onwards eyesight can deteriorate even with full care wallahu’alam.Hope you dont have glaucoma busu.And i would do like you too…go polyclinic and get referred to a hospital.Hope all goes well nanti.

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