Don’t know why but my fingers start to type out what my mind wants to say…and this topic is not pleasant to me at all!

I have not much trust in people … Sad right? Perhaps due to the many backstabbing that happened to me for so long and so many countless times people has defamed me.

Really I think something is wrong with me cos I seems to attract such bad vibes frequently…. Haishhh!

So now I’m a skeptical person yet foolish cos at times I still fall to people’s sweet words …. Fall to lies, deceptions and hypocracy. Only when it’s too late then I would realised and by then the scar would be marked already 😦

Worst is that I am a person who heals ever so slowly…. I have a long way to go when it comes to matters on human relationships.

Sometimes I wish I can just live alone yet that’s impossible unless I hide myself in a mountain or cave ….

Oh well! Life still has to go on …. I shall just keep learning from all these …


2 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Sometimes we go through moments and feelings as this.Best thing,they cannot kill us kan busu.In syaa Allah,we all can go through this and take time to heal.The Merciful is Greater than them people. 🙂

    • True Sri …. and its thinking that as long as Allah swt is with us. He Who Knows Everything, thinking that makes it more bearable and keep us going ya 🙂

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