Tickle me pink!

Oh la laaaa …. I just need to write this down hahahaa cos just remembering it tickles me to the max 😉

A Chinese lady cashier recently (two days ago) said to me while I was checking out my groceries …

Cashier : You teacher right?
Me : Do I look like a teacher? *smiling widely*
Cashier : Yes *beaming* at me
Me : hahaha… no lah aunty, I’m not but I work at the place that train teachers
Cashier : Aahhh …

Perhaps I should really have work to become one Lolss..

Thanks aunty cashier for making my day that day 😉


6 thoughts on “Tickle me pink!

      • Betol laa..Kan busu pernah jadi chicher kat workshop dulu.Busu sentiasa chicher pada sesiapa yang dapat ilmu melalui busu scara sedar atau tidak tau. 🙂

      • Aww so sweet of you sri … If dats the case den semua insan dlm dunia ni adalah chicher kan bab rasanya pd suatu ketika setiap kita ada berkongsi ilmu 😉

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