When my computer crashed a few months ago, I lost all of my photos. The PC technician could not saved them and I was sad about it but I shrugged it off since its not a matter of life and death.

Still I regretted not printing them out when I had the chance …. For photos are precious memories of past events, memories of my children, my other extended family members, friends and myself.

Through photos, story of the past can be re-told. Through photos people no longer with us can be remembered.

Then thanks to my niece, I decided to embark on another photo collage project but I had difficulty getting enough photos…. I dug here and there, looking through folders at my office pc …And I managed to find some if not all of the photos I’ve lost.

Actually, I did not remember saving them in these folders and so never thought of looking for the photos via my office pc …. Yet thanks to the project I found them. Alhamdulilah… Yeayyy!!

When I told my eldest daughter about it, she was happy as well cos I found photos of her while in primary school.

I told her we must definitely print these photos while we still can. Lesson from the crashed hard disk? Hardcopy are way better and last longer than softcopy. Of course, hardcopy can be lost or damaged as well but its better than not doing so at all.

I suppose the best would be to have both hard and softcopy at hand πŸ˜‰

Throughout this weekend, I have been busy with the project, doing them slowly and frankly I enjoyed the process of doing them.

Looking forward to seeing the final product πŸ™‚


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