Of dates, events and what nots …

I was looking through my calendar today and as I looked them over, I added mental notes to some events that I’ve read. These are important events to me because these are events that matters to those I love.

I do this regularly, in fact almost everyday just to ensure I did not missed anything but of course there are days that I will still forgets….. old age syndrome I suppose hahaha 😛

This month alone, there are 6 birthday events of which 5 matters the most. 2 has already passed by and the next 3 coming soon.

Then there are dates to note of how busy my 2nd daughter will be, starting from this week. Her CCA group will be performing in the Chingay 2015 and so they have started their practice and rehearsal …. I just hope it won’t be too taxing for her and that it won’t distract her from her study.

Next week, I have one wedding invitation and a farewell lunch for my colleague N … all in the same day!

Then in Feb, I’m really looking forward to the long holidays during CNY. Love the long weekends but frankly have no idea yet how to spent the holidays with the family. Maybe I will just spent the time in my kitchen. I’ve a few recipes awaiting to be tried.

My youngest nephew’s birthday will be in Feb.

Congratulations to him for successfully getting enrolled into the Polytechnic. Kudos to you Nas! Well done and all the best in your future endeavours “hugs”

He has been a busy bee these few months, hardly able to see him. Now, what shall I get for his birthday? hmmm … frankly its so much easier to buy gifts for the girls than the boys … huhu …. perhaps an “ang pow” would be easier and more practical … hmm… think think think …. will decide nearer the date I suppose 😉

Another nephew’s birthday from my husband’s side will also be in Feb but for him it won’t be a physical celebration but more of a spiritual ones ….. He is also the youngest nephew in the family…. missed him so!!! Al-fatehah….

The end of Feb will see me attending a course at IPAM, insya’Allah!

This course is one that I am looking forward too cos it will be conducted by one of my favourite lecturer. Hopefully there will be no change to it.

Life at the workplace has continue to be full of trials but I’m persevering …. going to keep reminding myself to be patience and endure to my best ability. People really can’t change their ways unless they wanted to. So in many circumstances, I have to decide how best to change my perception and ways in order to be able to deal with difficult people.

Life sometimes really put you in the driver’s seat … so you can only try your best to ensure you have a safe and smooth drive despite the chaos, the jams and road blocks along the way.

Aja aja fighting to me!!!! hahahaaa ….

Insya’Allah! 🙂


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