Staff Retreat @ LLI

We had our 2015 staff retreat yesterday @ LLI (Lifelong Learning Institute) at Paya Lebar. This institute is one of two adult learning campus built by WDA. It has more than 10 training providers and I have been to the other campus which was built in the West at Jurong Gateway when I attended a course conducted by Kaplan Professional last year.

The campus in the East @ Paya Lebar has the same size as the campus in the West (Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability). The only difference is the East Campus has a library and a career exploration centre and to me, its way better looking πŸ™‚


LLI : A view of the indoor library (left) and the office of our training provider, Training Vision (right)

Our retreat started at around 9 am and ends at 4.30 pm. Thanks to the hardwork of the staff retreat committee, all of us had an enjoyable time, doing activities together that involved playing games. These games that we played were very informative for they helped us to discover which colour brain we belongs to. The colour brain are tools that helps us know how our brain works and how to understand others different from our own colour.

From the learning session that we had yesterday, I understand that it all comes to the fact that each and everyone of us are different and diverse in our thinking skills. Our hardware may have been programmed with a certain colour right from the start thanks to our genes and upbringing but as we move up in life, we will be inputting different software and which will enable us to adopt the other different colours and this will allow us to adapt to working with different people and environment. The best outcome would be to have all 4 colours as part of us for each colour has its own strengths and weakness.

In between the learning session, we had lunch at 112 Katong. We had to take the shuttle bus to 112 Katong. It was fun to travel together in a group and board the mini bus. The weather was cool and in fact it was drizzling as we went out for lunch. Once we arrived, we went up to Bali Thai Restaurant.

I love the foods, ambiance and company πŸ™‚

We had these for lunch and more πŸ™‚



From L-R : Young Coconut Drink, Papaya Salad, Thai Fish Cake and Springrolls



Thai Steam Fish and Satay


Top L-R : BBQ Chicken and Thai Steam Otah
Bottom L-R : Butter Prawns and Tom Yam

We spent almost 2 hours on the lunch and by the time we went back to LLI, we were all feeling sleepy hahaha … too much food and all the oxygen has gone down to the stomach πŸ˜›

Lucky for us, the trainer understood us and our next session was mostly hands-on and requires physical effort. THAT helps to get rid of the sleepiness πŸ˜‰

After our afternoon teabreak which most of us skip cos still felt full after the 12 course lunch, we went for a tour of the library and the career centre.


The LLibrary, a collaboration between WDA and NLB.

See more pics below ….



After the library, we had a tour of the career centre and I was impressed by it. Its very informative and the centre has a kinect features that allows visitors to try out different career options based on their interest and skills, and even teach how to dress for interviews. Very hands-on and most suited for young adults who needs help to select which career suits them the most or matured workers who would like to choose a 2nd career path.

Below are 2 quotes which I chose cos I think they are very meaningful. There were many such quotes displayed prominently in the career centre.





The END …. My friday was well-spent I think. I gain knowledge, bond more with my colleagues and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I would say, yesterday was FUN DAY! A great day indeed! πŸ™‚


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