Of dental visit, camp and a treat

Husband has been having pain due to a his molar tooth on his left for the past week and he finally gave in and had it extracted yesterday. I had a difficult time finding a dental clinic that can accept walk-in. Before that I had even went through numerous clinics to try to make an early appointment for him. Anyway, Alhamdulillah he finally had the tooth extracted.

Then, yesterday ‘rezki’ came calling on my eldest daughter and I. We were given a treat by my 3rd sister at the newly opened Eighteen Chefs eatery at BPP. Our first eating at the rather well-known place.

The other 2 younger girls of mine were off to the school camp so they missed the treat 😉


Ever since the youngest goes to the same school, her relationship with her 2nd sister has improved a lot. She listens more to her sister and they go to school together. I can see my 2nd developing a higher maturity in dealing with her ‘sometimes annoying’ younger sister 😉 In fact, all the packing for the camp, they did together. I need not do anything but just see from far. My girls are becoming more and more independent indeed.

Ok back to Eighteen Chef, I love the open concept design of the place and the service was good. The staff though young looking, were friendly. Foodwise, our favourite were the Tom Yam Aglio Olio; Aglio Olio with Steak; Japanese Curry Rice and best is the dessert which consists of hot brownie served with 2 scoop of ice-cream … Yumss!!!

Oh! Yes the chicken soup was also very very good. Thumbs UP 18 Chefs! 🙂


From L-R = Chicken Soup, Ice Lemon Tea, Tom Yam Aglio Olio and Japanese Curry Rice



Double Cheese Baked Fries, Heart Attack Set Meal, Aglio Olio with Steak and Brownie with Ice-creams



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