A visit to ‘The Star’ and ….

Yesterday, we went and have dinner @ The Star …. The Star is a mall next to the Buona Vista MRT and its my first visit to the mall, though the area around Buona Vista is familiar to me thanks to the numerous courses I attended which were held in the area.

We purposely went all the way there to eat at Nene Chicken…. A small eatery, selling Korean style fried chickens.

The eatery is really small, with minimal place to sit but we were lucky and able to eat there comfortable. Foodwise, I love the chickens, especially the super spicy ones. There are about 4 different types of flavour to choose and a set meal (upsize) cost $7.90. It comprised of 2 pieces of chicken, a paclet of fries which I love cos they taste like curly fries and yet they are straight and thin like matchsticks, a small tub of radish pickles (my fave, and I ate all 5 tubs since the rest of the family do not fancy it, my gain and their loss hehee) and a drink of your choice.

One of the unique feature to eat or purchase home at Nene Chicken is that they provide plastic glove to make it easier to eat the chickens without getting the hands dirty …. so its your choice to eat with or without the gloves πŸ˜‰


My super spicy chixs …. Yumss!!!!


The set meal ….

I’m definitely loving Nene Chicken, and I hope more outlets will be open soon!

After our dinner, we went walking around the mall for a while…. Managed to buy shoes and school bags for the girls.

Today and tonight, another busy day ….. will be spending time with the girls and celebrating my youngest niece’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Adlina!

See you tonight girl! πŸ™‚


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