Reflections of the day

As I was walking towards the bus stop, I passed Petir Park…, uh huh! I missed my briskwalking 😦

I hope my back pain will fully recover soon and then I can continue again with my walking activity.

Such is life, when one is not able to do something anymore, one starts to miss and realise how important it is.

Interaction and communication are vitals in our daily life.

Which brings to mind the following….

For example, a teacher once shared with his students an analogy. He asked the students to look at a piece of white paper. He asked what do they see? All of them replied, “there’s a small black dot in the centre”.

So the teacher asked “why do you noticed the small black dot and not the bigger surrounding white area”?

This analogy reminds me of how often we only focus on what is small and how we need reminders to remind us to look at things differently at times.

The same thing can be said of how often we see the flaws in others but either refuse to seek the strengths of the person or close an eye on the flaws. We often forget that we too have flaws … We too are imperfect.

The funny thing about us, humans, we know we are not perfect but we love to see or seek perfection, and most times we seek this perfection in others rather than ourselves. Such when we see flaws in others, we keep on harping on it forgetting to reflect and harp on our own flaws.

Things are not always as it seems. Do take a few looks before we deem things are bad or good. Look, ponder/reflect and never assume. Plus, always starts with our own self.

Change, when it occurs usually requires the beginning to start from ourselves. Expect change from our own self before we expect others to change.

These points are reminders for myself first rather than for others.

Have a blessed Friday everyone!



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