DIY Floral Wreath

a good sharing …. Thanks CraftyLittleCoCo 🙂

Crafty little Coco

DIY Floral Wreath1For the next few days I will share with you:

3 ways to create DIY nature wreaths

Today I am starting with the largest and most labor intensive of the three. On Saturday I will post a 2 material wreath that only takes 5 min to make!!!


  • Wire Hanger
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


Take apart wire hanger and form into a circle. Twist the ends into the wire.

DIY Floral Wreath13

Tie a knot with the ribbon around the wires end and tightly wrap the ribbon around the sharp edge to form a seamless circle.

DIY Floral Wreath4

Cut flowers leaving a 2 to 3 inch stem. Place flower, pedals up, on the wire circle. Tightly wrap the ribbon around the stem 3 times before placing another flower. Repeat till you have reached the beginning. Tie off the end.

DIY Floral Wreath5

There you have it! A beautiful flower wreath AND the back doesn’t look half bad either.

DIY Floral Wreath6

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