Our weekends

Yesterday, the morning started with a bright sunny weather but at around 9 am, it suddenly became dark and windy. The rain came flowing down … heavily but luckily it dropped to a drizzle an hour later. That’s when I decided we all shall go ahead with our plan to go to Bukit Batok CSC for a swim.

Alhamdulillah, glad I made the decision cos by the time we reached the club, the rain had stopped completely. The weather was still cloudy but no further sign of rain.

The kids, my nieces and I had a fun and relax time swimming. They pulled pranks on me …. bullying their mother/aunt in fact hahahaa 😛

After the swimming session, we took a walk to the West Mall, did some shopping at the Korean Mart and then we proceed to Jurong Point to have our dinner.

Then, early this morning, no idea why, but my stomach had diarrhea attacks. Cramps and pain for hours 😦

I had to cancel plans to go to wedding invitations. Could be a blessings cos the whole day it’s been raining heavily.

So Saturday was spent outdoor while Sunday indoor 😉

Looking forward to have more fun with the kids next weekends. Left with only 3 more weeks before New Year and new school term begins.



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