Book Review – Malay Weddings Don’t Cost $50

I am now in the midst of reading this book, “Malay Weddings Don’t Cost $50 and Other Facts About Malay Culture” by Hidayah Amin.

An easy to read book that tells a lot about the culture of the Malays in Singapore. It has tips on what to do while visiting a Malay house (dos and don’ts), how we, Malays do not have surnames, our Malay language contribution to Singlish (Singapore-English, which when spoken mix these two together), for example, “Let’s go makan!” = Let’s go and eat! 🙂

I like the book, not just because I am a Malay myself (well, not a pure Malay but the IC do stated that I am a Malay … hehee). I am actually of a mix parentage, Aceh + Chinese. I like it cos it consists of information that are easy to read and understand, opening an avenue for Malays and Non-Malays to understand the Malays … culture, language, religion etc.

Ok, back to this book. Inside as one reads, there are pictures to show the Malays of the olden days, the clothings of the Malays throughout the years, the type of childhood games we played (eg gasing, congkak, batu serembat), items found in Malay weddings, the poems, proverbs and poetry, talk about our Keris (Malay dagger) which were used by the warriors during the Malay Sultanate period and many more.

So for those who are curious to know more about the Malays in Singapore, this book pretty much provides all the necessary information 🙂

Title : Malay weddings don’t cost $50 and other facts about Malay culture.
Author : Hidayah Amin
Publisher : Helang Books (Singapore)
ISBN : 978-981-09-1051-8



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