Of e-Postcards

For the past few days, I have been receiving beautiful pictures of flowers that can be found in Western Australia via watsapp. To me this gesture from my lovely friend and sister, Sriberri, is truly heartwarming and sweet. I called these gifts my e-postcards. Besides the e-postcards, her sharing of the many beautiful, serene and amazing landscapes are truly priceless. I’m always looking out for her latest posts 😉

In fact, I love my flowers e-postcards so much that the moment I get them, I would use it as my profile pic … too beautiful and precious, something I really treasure just like how I treasure the sisterhood of the halaqah sisters, even though I must say we hardly see each other now but I believe the bond between us are real and true and that no matter the distance, we will always love and remember one another.

To mark, this is the second time I’m receiving e-postcards. The first was when my SIL, Didi, went to Korea with her family. Occasional pictures of the scenic views and my nieces will be sent via watsapp.

Alhamdulillah for facebook and watsapp 😉


The first flower from Sri, her words when she sent them “tengok bunga2 teringat busu” …. ❤


This is called the “cushion bush” …. first time I’m seeing this plant, so unique 😉



The latest from her, a beautiful white rose, simply gorgeous, the whiteness of the rose brings the word Purity to mind,

this is definitely my favourite among the three 🙂

Terimakasih daun keladi Cik Sri,
Ada lagi hantar mari,
Cantik bunga, cantik lagi yang memberi
Yang menerima amat suka sekali



2 thoughts on “Of e-Postcards

  1. Thank you busu for liking them 🙂 There were so many beautiful blooms along the towns especially those in the residents’ yards tau but couldnt stop at their pte properties arr hee!

    Ada Kari Ada Babas
    Tekak rindu nak makan pedas
    Bunga cantik untuk Busu khas
    Kalau tengok,ilang semua frust 😀

    In syaa Allah will look out for more.Hugss!

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