Holidays and children

I woke up to a cool and wet weather. Looks like it rained around 5 am just now.

First day of December, another month to go for the school holidays.

My eldest is sitting for her exam tomorrow. While the two youngest are sitting at home, spending their time watching TV and computer games.

They said it’s boring staying home for the holidays but then when I suggest going out to the pool, one said yes but the other did not want to go so after bickering among themselves, the idea was dropped. Too bad!

This year due to eldest different school schedule and many other considerations, we dropped the idea of going for family vacation. We postpone it to May next year, insya’Allah.

Actually I would say my kids are fortunate. Definitely better than me cos during my much younger days, school holidays for me means stay home, play paper dolls by myself and teasing my sisters hahahaa….

Our family was poor. My late father was the only breadwinner though my late mom did do few sewing works to help earn extra income. As a child I used to envy friends who had the pleasure of having Barbie dolls and going on trips. Used to watch from far and just kept the yearning to myself. Still I never voiced out my desire for the Barbie doll or wanting to go on trips to my mom cos I knew our family situation.

Nowadays, Barbie dolls are so common and affordable. I bought for my girls when they were younger yet they were not as facinated with the doll as I was …. Time has indeed changed and children these days do not share the same liking as their parents generation.

So when I reflect back, my kids are better off yet they lack appreciating what they have now. A pity really!

Ok enough of musings, starting work soon.

May the days and weeks ahead be a good one to all! 🙂


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