A pocket full of holes …

Here it comes again, the annual headache and holes in the pocket… hahahaa

I’m laughing not cos it’s funny but cos it’s sooo stressful just thinking of it. Wish there’s indeed a tree with money as its leaves hehee… Impossible right!

Being a middle income family, there’s simply no avenues available to seek help in helping with the children’s school books and uniform.

Nak tak nak, kena ler usaha sendiri …. memang parah tapi syukur masih diberi tenaga untuk bekerja dan pastikan anak2 tetap dapat buku baru tiap2 tahun …. Alhamdulillah!

Ever since my workplace has become a private institution instead of previously a semi-govt organisation, there’s no longer a bonus for us at year end … only the 13th month AWS.  I’m grateful for this 13th month if not, I think I will need to work for extra income just to accommodate the needs of my kids. For more than 15 years, I have been the only one to have bonus at the end of the year so the bulk of all these expenditure has gone solely to me.  I’m not complaining here, just lamenting, for I wish the govt can see that middle income families also need help.  I wish the school financial assistance could increase their per capita rate.  Perhaps have a tiered assistance scheme … for low-income and middle-income families.

I have just finished doing my calculations … this year would be more to spent, the books alone for the Sec 3 girl is already $300. She also need a new pair of uniform as well so another additional at least $100 for her. Plus, once the PSLE result is out, the youngest would need at least $400 – $500 for books and uniforms to start her secondary school year. The eldest need a new pair of uniform also. All in all it will be more than 1K … have yet to include new school bags, shoes, socks and stationery.

At times, I do envy those in the lower income for getting vouchers to help them offset the cost. Many even receive free books and uniforms. I wish middle income can get some vouchers as well. It would really help defray the cost. Cost of living in Singapore is increasing. Now the value of $50 seems like only $10. It’s no wonder everyone is feeling the pinch and many young people do not wish for more than 2 kids.

Orang dulu kata kais pagi makan pagi …. orang sekarang kata kais bulan makan minggu … sungguh berbeza zaman dulu dan sekarang.

Apo nak dikato eh jangggggg ….. hehee

Apa pun syukur masih sihat dan masih boleh usaha …. Alhamdulillah!


4 thoughts on “A pocket full of holes …

    • hahaaa… yes semua org ada rezki masing2, Aamiin to your doa Sri, but i still believe our govt can do more to help. The per capita has not been revised for decades and yet inflation rates has gone up many times. Somehow the process of financial assistance should be revised after so many years and social conditions change … can only keep hoping the social net will be extended to more families 🙂

  1. I feel you Busu.My family falls in the category of mid income too.We are neither here nor there but for sure we do feel the pinches slightly more. 😀 Maybe we can write to our resident mp about the concerns n in syaa Allah,a revised plan in favour for families like ours.

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