Hong Kong 2014

Reached the airport T3 at 6 am. We were one of the last to arrive. Alhamdulillah, cos we waited for after subuh before making our way out, happy and grateful that everything went smoothly.


My maknae, the youngest of my girls went to visit Hong Kong today. An immersion programme planned by her school. A five days four nights trip.

A mixture of about 35 students were selected after going through 3 interviews. The students selected comes from different class levels and background. It was a happy moment for my maknae when she was informed of the selection. I’m happy for her though my pocket suffered πŸ˜› hahahaa…

This is her moment, her first maiden flight in a plane πŸ˜‰


Group Photo …

May all of them have a safe and enjoyable trip. Keep them within your radar Ya Rabb! Aamiin…

By 7 am all students were ushered to the departure gate. We said our goodbyes and hugs. I’m gonna miss my ‘kudut’ girl …. πŸ’“

Insya’Allah see you back home next week girl 😘






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