Butterfly effect

There’s an old man who always loiter around the void deck. With his shoulder hunch a bit and a head full of white hair, he’s also toothless ..looking so cute!

Sometimes I will see him sleeping and at other times just sitting and observing people passing by.

Today as I was walking towards the bus-stop, I saw him walking towards my direction. He has a clean shirt on him and was carrying a blue plastic bag with packed food in it. Walking or rather shuffling slowly I noticed he was grinning and beaming! It makes me smiled seeing him do so and out of curiosity I turned to see what’s the thing that makes him do that …and that’s when I saw he was looking at 2 little boys walking nearby. Aahh! Now I know the reason for his beaming and grinning. Uncle seems to love children šŸ˜‰

Lovely! A lovely butterfly effect for me early in the morning. A smile from a stranger caused me to smile even though the smile was not directed to me. Alhamdulillah!

Hope its a sign of more good things happening today.



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