Remembering … <3

This week and next is the moment many have been waiting …. to meet the Habaibs and Hubabahs … to hear their sermons and hear their prayers. Singapore is blessed to be visited by them again. Alhamdulillah!

It reminded me of days ago, of a time long passed …. a time of going out with my lovely sisters-in-Islam, going to the mosque, praying and sitting together, listening to the sermons, sang the qasidahs together and putting out our hands together and say “Aamiin” to the supplication made by the Habaibs and Hubabahs.

I missed those times and I missed the companions more …..especially you, the lovely one, and even though I have no idea where you are now and what you’re doing, I pray you are blessed everyday. The love in my heart never wavers though we have drifted apart.

I admit I chose to drift apart …. and you’re not the only one I chose to drift away. So many of the sisters, most of us, bound by circumstances and life’s commitment, we have to move on to the path laid before us. Our meeting again after so many years and bonding again and then parting again …. these are meant to be. The path of our journey changed ever so often but I know that the heart fill with sisterly love will not change even though neither of us are physically near.

Even though this year, I am not able to attend the sermons, I hope some of them will be posted via facebook or youtube,

Relying on the sisters and brothers who went, hoping they would share the gems of knowledge and wisdom from the Habaibs and Hubabahs. Insya’Allah!

PS: Whether is so cool now since it’s raining still, wish I am home now instead of working hu hu …


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