Yesterday conversation really was like looking into a mirror …. the mirror of my life many years ago. A time of my childhood and youth. A time of loneliness …

It’s sad really to see my girls going through almost the same experienced that I had gone through. Yet all three of them handled the situation in different ways. The saddest was seeing my youngest struggling now. Why do youngsters these days so cruel and thoughtless in their actions? Why can’t they be kinder?

Seeing her cry and emotional struggles really reminds me so much of myself. It’s heart wrenching but I can only offer advise. Ultimately, she has to decide for herself the choice of her next actions. Be it to continue to persist being in that situation or to stop subjecting herself to it and cut herself from it. She has to decide which will give her peace and make her happy.

What my daughters are going through, all three of them are common these days. By the time, children reached Primary Three, many forms cliques (groups). Those not within any of these cliques are treated like the outsiders. If they treat “these outsiders” kindly then it’s not so bad but these groups treated them unkindly, almost making snide remarks and especially during group works, the children in the outside circle felt most unwanted and had difficulty blending in.

In my mind, why do such young children acted these ways? Children are suppose to feel unbiased among themselves, are supposed to more “pure” and “true” to their actions. Why at a young age do they started to display such hypocrisy?

Anyway, it reminded me of my early years in schools and my own struggles. If I have a choice, I would of course want to protect my children from experiencing it but life is such that trials and tribulations will come always. So I can only advise and support them emotionally as best as I could.

Hang in there kiddos, these are just life’s lessons. Go through them and come out free and wise insya’Allah!



2 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. In syaa Allah,it is a process towards being emotionally stronger n manageable.A friend told me the same thing about her daughter being isolated by ‘used to be friends’.Like you said,P3 onwards that this began to take place.It wasnt easy initially but over the years,she is coping things well.Its going to be ok eventually n she may feel more liberated from expectations n definitions by those kids.Hope she feels better already.Hugs for her.

    • Insya’Allah … thks Sri, moga itu lah yg akan berlaku. Her being strong emotionally and learn to cope when faced with difficult situations.

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