Parenting – A reminder to myself

Parenting is a job … a job that comes due to choice for some and forced circumstances for others. Yet whichever situations it was, the cast was made. Within 9 months, a woman would received the status that is called Motherhood and a man, Fatherhood.

There are no perfect manual to doing this job. It’s a job for us, the imperfect humans. A job that requires trial and error, a job that requires non-stop effort, love and faith.

There are no perfect parents nor are there perfect children. Parenting can be made easy for some and yet the most challenging for others. Whichever it is, whichever position we are in, one thing is for sure, the journey to parenting sometimes brings endless love, pride, humbleness, hurt, anger, disappointment and many more feelings.

It can be the sweetest life experiences one can have and/or the most bitter.

Either way, one thing is for sure, once a parent will always remain a parent. You can’t resign from the job, not on your own free will anyway. You can’t also hope to hold on to the job forever. It can be unpredictable this job.

As I’ve mentioned before, we are our children first teachers but so are they, though they are not our first teachers but they are our endless teachers. Throughout the whole parenting journey, we learn to love, to give, to serve, to cry, to laugh, to persevere, to motivate, to support, to be humble, to feel bless, to feel helpless and many more.

I think the most humbling and challenging is when the children rebel against what has been taught to them. When they decided to do the opposite of the family values and culture. That’s the moment a parent feels lost, humble and small. What to do? How to help the children? What will happen to them? Emotions after emotions will flow in and out.

So do we give up? Do we surrender? It’s a job right …. what do we do when faced problems in the office? We brainstorm for ideas, we seek assistance from colleagues, we read etc. Do we give up? I don’t think so … cos we know we need the job to sustain our family.

Likewise, when parents are faced with challenges created by their children, take time to sit down, brainstorm, seek counselling or assistance but we must never give up cos the word “give up” and “disappointment” should never appear in the parenting dictionary.  We persevere to find solutions, we UP our love and care, we pray and pray hard!

Remember we were once children, we have our own challenges as well and these challenges are part of life’s journey …. the right or wrong move by parents can cause a child to either stand up again or sink deeper. Above all, never allow the love we feel towards our children to diminish … do not allow social pressure to forget the bond of family.

As others are facing challenge in their roles as parents, so do I. The only difference is the level and severity of the challenges.

Trials and tribulations …. when faced never forgets if you calm yourself, look deep, you will be able to see the blessings behind them.

It’s not the beginning that matters but the end. No trials that comes our way will remain forever. God do not burden His servants with something they can’t handle. Have faith.

No human is perfect …


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