WSQ Course @ Kaplan Professional

I am on a 2 days course right now. Today is the first day. The course is held at the Devan Nair Institute For Employment and Employability, just next to IMM.

A relatively new building and this course is conducted by Kaplan Professional.

The course on fostering innovation and creativity in teams is very interactive. The instructor is indeed excellent, Ms Kit Teng is very knowledgeable on the course topics. Her instructions very clear and concise with many real-life examples that allows us to understand easily.  As a whole, the participants of the course are also very lively and cooperative. I meet and get to know new friends during these 2 days 🙂

What I like most is the fact that after every chapter that we covers, we have activities on the learning journal immediately after that. Excellent method *thumbs UP*

Since the course is just next to IMM, that’s where we went for our lunch. The Red Ginger served very good foods. I love this Tom Yam Fried Rice …. one thing unique about this dish is that it is serve with 2 sticks of satay 🙂


Tom Yam Fried Rice …

Looking forward to the 2nd day of the course. Hope to be able to practice what I’ve learnt and foster the habit of initiative and thinking out of the box, both at the office and home. A plus point would be to impart and share what I’ve learnt with my children.

PS :  I received a msg from someone about one of the post I made while I was in the middle of my lessons just now… I’m sorry if somehow after reading the post it made her emotion a bit “red” and I know its not me she’s seeing ‘red’ still just to clarify, this blog is my personal space. Of course everyone is welcome to read my posts but I hope people understand that when I wrote about matters of personal accounts, it was never with the intention to create mischief. This blog is my personal space and one of my avenue to allow my emotions free …. a way to de-stress and a recording of my memories. I hope people will respect and understand that.



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