The Irony

Had a conversation with husband last Friday … and among the topics we talked about, this particular one managed to make my blood boiled all over again.

It’s ridiculous to think that Person A who had accused Person B and said harsh words did not ask for forgiveness from Person B, instead that person asked for forgiveness from Person C…. boggles the mind I tell you. Also, why didn’t Person C stated that the apology should be given to the Person B?

Such a disappointment … I’m really disappointed and disillusioned by all these.

As if by doing so it meant everything was ok. Is this person for REAL!!!!

Person A must be super confident he was not in the wrong at all, but then why apologised to Person C if that was so?

I have been taught that when one makes mistakes, it is of utmost important to seek forgiveness from the one he did wrong as soon as possible. Time is the essence to show sincerity. So when a person truly repents but in doing so (as in the above actions), it did not show repentance, in fact, it shows how he disregard the feelings of Person B and more importantly it showed his true feelings towards Person B.

In fact, Person A was not the only person to offend Person B … there were 2 others and these two others were the ones who started the whole negative event. The case would have ended sooner if only these two had admitted they were wrong not to inform of the change in plan in advance instead of giving excuses one after another, thus, making it seemed that Person B and her husband were in the wrong.

In fact, the day before, Person B had went over to their house and they could have told Person B there and then of the change. But everyone kept quiet. It’s not like they did not have Person B contact number. Funny thing, the eldest would call Person B whenever she needed help but in this instance it never occurred to her. So it’s like Person B need only be remembered if she’s useful to the eldest.

And too bad Person A happened to be the one who aggravated the situations with his so-called motive of finding out the truth … if the truth was what he wanted to hear, he would not have continued to accused Person B after listening to the explanation. Instead he persisted that Person B did the wrong thing and even spoke in a harsh manner that showed his disregard towards Person B.

Without Person A knowing, actually Person B did called the eldest of the 2 soon after. Person B, was thinking since she’s younger and able to change her attitude, plus she did not want to gain Allah’s displeasure and as the Malay sayings goes “mengalah bukan tanda kalah”, she swallowed her pride and called to apologised, even though she knew she did not do any wrong.

Over the phone, the eldest sounded happy to hear from her, and when Person B stated the reason for her call and apologised for any misunderstanding, the eldest continued to give “reasons” for what happened, no apology was mentioned or admitted to the lack of foresight on their part … just excuses after excuses came out from the eldest. The final straw was when the eldest mentioned “cannot understand why D did not tell you” to Person B. When that happened, Person B cut short the conversation for it had left a bad taste (impression) on her.

As Person B observed silently, the eldest will never change and indeed habits are harder to die. When the eldest started to instigate negative feelings of Person B towards D, Person B knew that’s it. Enough is enough! She did not want to continue listening to all these negative and poisonous words.

What’s done is done. Person B then decided to really ends everything. To her, she has done what she needed to do, for she believed as long as Allah swt knows the truth, that’s sufficient. She need no longer associate herself with these people who are like poison to her soul. The angels on her left and right shoulders are her witness and nothing else matters as long as her conscious are clear.

hmm…how nice if the angels can show the recordings of what happened from the beginning to the end, especially showing the phone conversation of which they accused her of “scolding”.

It’s really scary actually, they were the ones to create the problems, the ones to call and accused and yet they made it seemed like they were not in the wrong at all … WAHHHHH!!!

The irony of the situation is really scary … 😦

As the sayings goes, once bitten, twice shy … and after many many bites, it’s time to cut off and walk on the opposite side.



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