Champion Clubs Investitute 2014

Well as I’ve mentioned in the earlier post, we went to see my eldest daughter pledge taking ceremony @ ITE West Campus.

The event was held at the auditorium and it was an event that combines 3 different clubs into 1 …. They are themselves the Champion Clubs. The 3 clubs that formed this Champion Clubs are Student Ambassador Club, Student Council and the Green Club.


Special guest for this event was the Principal of the ITE West Campus, Dr Yek Tiew Ming.  He gave a speech in which he explained that the core reasons for this investiture were to give recognition and acknowledgment to the members of these clubs for job done well in serving the community in the campus as well as the community in the neighbourhood.

Awards were given and then out-going presidents of these clubs made speeches to welcome the new excos members. They had a handover ceremony and members of the clubs did their pledge taking group by group.

My eldest daughter has been appointed as Chairman of Project in the Student Council Club. I hope she will take her role seriously and perform well as a leader together with her team mates. To lead, one needs to be able to communicate and listen well, look at things holistically and not take sides. I hope she will learn many things as she goes along in this journey of hers. Mistakes are bound to happen and it’s important to recognise them and learn from them …. be positive and forward looking.


All the best excos members. Serve well in both your studies and community works.

Congratulations to all of you! 🙂




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