Of Ma’al Hijrah and the children

Alhamdulillah … for the opportunity to see another year. Today marks the beginning of a new year for our Islamic Calendar.

Salaam Ma’al Hijrah 1436H everyone!

It is customary to celebrate the arrival of the new year with 2 supplications. After the ‘Asr prayer, we are encouraged to read the supplication for the end of the year and after Maghrib prayer to read the supplication for the start of the new year.

May the ending of this year and the beginning of the new year brings blessings to all of us and our loved ones. Aamiin…

Besides today being the start of the new year for us, it is also a day in which the secondary school children in Singapore starts their school holidays. Happy holidays teens 🙂

Even though I’m on time-off today, my day starts as per normal. Early morning, first stop is to attend the PTM (Parents-Teachers Meet) at my 2nd daughter’s school. Alhamdulillah she had passed her exam (tapi cukup makan aje … isshh!) and I had the opportunity to discuss her subjects’ options for next year when she starts Secondary 3. Then without delay, once we reached home, we quickly went online to select the subjects’ options. Results will be out in mid November.

Aja aja fighting H.R.! …. Ibu knows you can do better, all you need to do is to have discipline and have achievable goals and targets. Remember the motto “No discipline, No learning” … wise words indeed from the former principal of Zhenghua 🙂

Next destination will be to attend the Investiture Ceremony of my eldest daughter @ ITE West. She has been successfully selected to be part of the Student Body and given one of the key post. She was so happy and excited. I am very proud of her and happy for her but I reminded her to remember that it is a big responsibility and she must strive to do her very best. Holding such a post is a good opportunity for her to learn to lead and also an opportunity to harness key social skills such as integrity, honesty, patience and learn about communication and fair dealings with her peers.

All the best N.H. …. but remember to balance matters of this world with those of the akhirah ok 😉

I will be going there with her father …today marks the few times he was able to attend one of his girls’ event. Alhamdulillah!

Oh yes! … another thing to write about, almost forgets (haizz makcik dah tua …ekekee) …. today finally my youngest daughter brought home the booklet on how to choose the secondary school for admission to Sec One in 2015. Yeayy!! finally has the chance to look look and do bit of homework before the selection day.


Ok … have to get ready to go to ITE West … have to be seated before 5.30 pm.




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