Eye treatment

A last minute request from my 3rd sister.. to accompany her to NUH for her laser treatment. Luckily I was able to apply for urgent leave last Friday.

We reached the hospital around 8 am. Wow! I’m impressed with the new NUH medical centre.  Its tall, about 20 storey high and there are varieties of shops ….. which means food wise are no problem for the visitors, patients and staff of the hospital.

Since that was my first time going there, it was a bit confusing for me though. Lucky my sister knows her way around since she’s a regular there.

The eye specialist clinic was at Level 17. The view from the 17th storey was awesome. Such a pity I was not able to snap a few pictures.

My poor sister, she was so nervous that the blood pressure went up to 150! But the nurse said still ok to go ahead with the laser procedure.

By the time the treatment and injection procedure were done, it was almost 11.30 am. After payment, we reached home almost 1 pm in the afternoon.

After the laser, her eyes were a bit puffy and red. Then, around midday she started to have headache. I felt so helpless cos I was not able to do anything besides comforting her with words.

She stayed at my home till evening.

Alhamdulillah, by the next day, she was back to normal.

Hopefully after all these treatments, she will have full recovery of both her eyes.


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