Down memory lane – My first primary school



Thanks to my eldest nephew sharing the photo above, I was able to fondly remember my first Primary School. Teluk Kurau Girls was my first primary school. I was there for the first half of the year before I was transferred to Bedok South Primary School.

My mom chose to transfer me after BSPS was ready to accept students. Afterall, BSPS was within walking distance from our house. Much nearer than Teluk Kurau which I had to take bus to and fro.

Still I remembered a lot about my time in TKGS … I remembered the green coloured pinafore uniform with white shirt. How we received free milk powders every week. The cost of the “karipap” … Only 5 cents!

The sweetest memory I treasure the most was one of my eldest sister, heavily pregnant with my eldest nephew and yet she came by during recess time, just to feed me … Yes feed, she fed me spoonful after spoonful of rice with fish and spinach soup… 🙂 see I can even remember the dishes 😉

I was and still am very close to my eldest sister. That memory … So precious and makes me appreciate and feel grateful for being able to receive such love and attention from her.

In fact, being the youngest I received the most attentions from my 3 sisters hehee …

Anyway, though TKGS is no more around… The school in the picture represent it. Now only the secondary school remains.

Bye TKGS…. only memories of you are left and which I am sure still reside strongly in many of the old girls.

Thank you for being my first primary school … Thank you for the many good memories.



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