Weight matters – My journey continues

After the last day of the fasting month, I weighed 71 kg and I challenged myself to maintain that weight and if possible to reduce even more.

So from Aug to Sept, I did managed to maintain it and I was happy to see a reduction 2 days ago. Finally, I have a minus 1 when I weighed myself 2 days ago… It was 70.3 kg.

Then yesterday, before I went off for my briskwalking in the evening (did not realise it’s gonna rain until I reached the park, so with the strong wind and sounds of thunder, I only did 4 rounds around the park before it rained.), I weighed again and was happy, very much so to see it went down to 69.9 kg…. Phew!! Finally can see the figure 6 … hehee

Now, I’m just hoping I can continue to lose more and to maintain to the figure 6. What I lost, I do not want to recover… Not when it comes to my weight! Hahaaa….

Alhamdulillah… I’m feeling much healthier now and hope to remain so for a long long time…. Aamiin!

Next on my agenda, doing research on detoxification…. I’m now looking at juices for health. Hoping I can find one that will suit me.



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