Eidul Adha cum BBQ @ Sembawang Park

This year, our family chose to celebrate Eidul Adha by having a family bbq gathering @ Sembawang Park. It was initially my idea since my kids keep complaining saying they were bored with just spending the holidays indoor. So since PSLE no longer looming over our head, I sound out to my other extended family members about the idea of having a BBQ session and the response was a 100% yes, thus I made the booking for the BBQ Pit and chose Sembawang Park as our destination.

We divided the menu among us and today, we had fun feasting and bonding especially the younger kids. They got to play at the playground and have a few round of badminton. I was happy to be the camerawoman for the day … busy snapping here and there. It’s truly a joy to see my girls laughing and enjoying themselves. Its a total different vibe they gave off when they minggled with my side of the family.  Very positive and so at ease with their uncles, aunts and cousins.

Back to the BBQ, we came out of the house around 2 pm plus and once we reached there, we met my 2nd sister’s family first, followed by my eldest nephew’s family and finally my 3rd sister’s family. The guys immediately took charge of getting the bbq going. We women and kids just enjoyed feasting and playing around 😉

The park had recently been renovated and I like the new look. Very spacious and the bbq pits are well–placed and near the toilets … very convenient indeed!

Here are few pics of the park and today’s event.


A view of the park …


Just arrived ….



The BBQ Pit …


The sea view …


Part of our menu … did not managed to take all cos busy eating as well hehee…


Part 2 of the menu …


Kids @ play …


The way to the jetty …


We took the opportunity to celebrate my grandniece’s birthday … Happy Birthday Elayna!


A group photo at the end of the day!

 We had to end the gathering a bit early cos some of us had to work tomorrow and so by almost 9.30 pm, we reached home. Tired, yes but happy!

Alhamdulillah! 🙂


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