Randomness of the day…

The heat is back … Its so hot these days, especially inside the house. Glad I will be in the office today, at least there will be air-con.

PSLE exam is OVER!!!! Yeayyy!!! Finally… Phew!!!

While the youngest gal can relax and enjoy the days ahead, it’s the middle child’s turn to focus on her final year exam. It has started and will ends next week. After which, it will be school holiday in Nov and Dec.

Today, I came out of the house early and decided to have a few rounds around the park. A total of 560 m of walking and a good 10 mins of viewing the greenery around the area. Alhamdulillah.

No wonder people say habits can turn into an addiction. Nowadays, if I missed my exercise for more than 2 days, i started to feel like something is wrong and missing from my life. Well, better this than addiction to those harmful to the body.

Few days ago, I sent off a friend of mine at the airport. She has gone to Mecca to perform hajj together with her husband. May Allah swt bestow upon all the jemaah a haj that are mabrur. May everything goes smoothly for all of them. Aamiin…

Wonder when my time will come to be Allah’s guest again and to be able to perform hajj…. Effort and du’a .. Hope and fear … These are the wings to bring us to Him, insya’Allah!

Anyway, looking forward to this Friday and the long weekend ahead.

Eid Mubarak everyone! 🙂


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