Of Changi T3 & Souvenirs

Alhamdulillah, my eldest daughter had safely came home from her GEP trip yesterday night. I went to fetch her from Terminal 3 after work. While waiting for her, I break my fast at B2 of the airport. I like the Yong Tau Foo and the Gado-gado, soo sedapp!! Even managed to do a bit of grocery shopping at the NTUC Finest.

I even had the opportunity to walk around the T3, slow leisure walks and then had the opportunity to went back to my childhood days for awhile ..hehee … I did crayon painting using the free paper and free template available for kids at the B2 of the terminal.


My art piece .. 😉

Around 10.30 pm, finally she arrived. So lovely to have my eldest back home 🙂

What await all of us are souvenirs from Bali … yeayyy!!!  🙂

She bought a nightdress for me and t-shirts for her siblings as well as her father and her favourite uncle Sani.  Also many beautiful key chains for her cousins and friends.


The one and only Bali Coffee & Cocoa powder she bought, she had tasted it and said it’s very nice, she told me she regretted not buying more 😉


T-shirts for her sisters!


A few sample of the key chains she bought … the blue background is the nightdress for me 🙂

For today, I think she will most likely spent her time like a sleeping beauty …. catching up on her lost sleep hehee …



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