Bali … here she comes!

We went out of the house at 7.45 am … came out early to avoid any traffic jam cos It’s Monday and usually the road will be very crowded around 8 am onwards.

Finally, the begin of her term break starts today with a 4 days 3 nights trip to Bali.  Today my eldest are flying off at 11 am.  We are now at the airport with the rest of her classmates (about 30 of them and 3 teachers), waiting for check-in.

Bon voyage N.H. … Have a safe trip love and insya’Allah we will see you again in 4 days time.

Their first stop at Bali once they touch down will be to visit to one of the orphanage over there. My eldest has prepared gifts for the children, I hope she will enjoy the interactions with the orphans and find valuable lessons that can further enrich her life’s experience. I’m sure the orphans will appreciate and enjoy the gifts and programme prepared by our students.

This Global Education Programme (GEP) has enable our students to have the chance to travel out of the country and have a first-hand experience to the different social and cultural aspects of other countries. It’s a good programme and I hope our students will truly benefit from it.

hahaa … right now how I wish I could also follow them, traveling in this manner where the intention is to derive many lessons is something I love to do 🙂

All right students! …. time for check-in, the teachers are beckoning them already.  All the best to all of you.  Enjoy and be safe!

IMG_0906.JPGWith her teacher and classmates

IMG_0912.JPGGroup foto


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