D-Day – PSLE

Yup, today’s the day … finally can almost see the end of the long wait.

D-day for the first PSLE exam –  listening comprehension.

All the best to the P6s this year … I know each and everyone of them have work hard and all the parents have shared the same anxiety and tension over this annual exam for children in Primary 6.  I pray all of the children will pass, regardless of how many marks they get … as long as they pass for everyone of them has their own learning journey to go through and not everyone can be the top scorer yet I am sure each of them will be able to reach success in their own way as long as they persevere and continue to work hard.

After the listening comprehension exam, next Thursday and Friday will be the English and Mathematics PSLE exams. Followed by Malay language and Science on Monday and Tuesday respectively. After that? Time to relax and let the children enjoy their Children’s Day celebration 🙂

The P6s definitely deserve to have fun after their exams for majority of them has been working almost everyday for the past few months. Their teachers too deserve to have a break …. I am really thankful to the team of teachers at WVPS, for they are really a hard working team.  Kudos to them for their commitment to their students and I hope their effort will not go to waste. I hope each of their students will make them proud.

Begin with Bismillah and insya’Allah we all shall end with Alhamdulillah!

Aja aja fighting P6s!



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