I have love reading since young but I did not start as early as some of my cohorts. The interest in reading only started when I was in Primary 5…. While my friends have been enjoying it much earlier and have been going to the library as early as when they were 7 yrs old, I only managed to go and start reading books in the library when I was 11 yrs old.

My mother did not allow me to go to the library cos she did not like her children to roam around on their own needlessly (that was her view at that time) but me being a naughty girl, I learnt to quietly sneaked out to go to the library, and by the time I reached Primary 6, my mother had no choice but to change her mind and allowed me to go for she did not like me going out secretly either hahaha…

Yah, I was quiet a mischievous girl when I was young hehehe…

During those days, I could read 3-4 books a day …. Totally love losing myself in the world of fantasy that can be found in the story books.

Reading was my eacapade from reality …. the books were my friend when I was lonely as a child. Reading has been a very good friend to me …. The books I’ve read, they made me laugh, cry, teach me about life that are different from mine and more … Most importantly, by the time I was 15 yrs old, reading helped me to discover my religion.

Now, I don’t read as much but whenever there’s a good book available, I will do so.

Yesterday, I read a fantasy sci fiction book… The revenge of Seven! by Pitacus Lore.  A good read, loving it a lot and how I wish the next sequel will be publish soon.

Finish the book within 2 days and now am looking for another book to read.

These days I prefer light reading cos I want to just enjoy reading without much thinking. Heavy reading stuff means I have to slowly absorb and reflect as I go along …. But for now my preference is only light readings.

Perhaps it is due to my love for reading that I am now working in a library …. To me, a library is a kind of paradise … Sweet Peace! 😉

Now, this is off topic, but I just had to write it down cos I love it sooo much!

Yesterday, after finishing work at 8pm, I went to JP and ate Chocolate Apam for dinner … hahahaa love the chocolaty taste of the apam … finally my craving for anything chocolate has been fulfilled 🙂


Chocolate Apam @ JP


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