Friday’s rambling

Alhamdulillah it’s Friday …. Looking forward always to the weekends.

My friend, Zila gave me a packet of pomegranates to snack away in the office just now … Yumms! the seeds are soo sweet but it’s soo tiring to chew them hehee…. Halfway through the packet I had to stop… My jaws can’t take it anymore Lolsss


Also, besides happily snacking away, I find myself thinking that I am glad I closed down my facebook account temporarily now …. whenever I do this, I find myself having more time to blog away.  Finding comfort in doing so for it’s my way of recording my days and reflecting when I have to.

After work, going to do some grocery shopping and tomorrow looking forward to meet up with a few of my old friends 🙂

hmm …I still can’t decide what to cook for them …. suppose will just have to see what comes up on the menu tomorrow 😉


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