Thursday, 11th Sept

Time: 12.22 pm, feeling hungry now, my stomach is growling noisily hahahaa

The counter is a bit quiet today, though I managed to see an old friend just now and I’m always happy to see ex-classmates who are teachers now and who are back in campus for either short courses or part-time masters courses.

Being in this line of work, I was quite surprised to meet many of my ex-classmates especially those in secondary school in the campus when I first started work in the library.  I think the number of these friends choosing to teach exceed our cohort expectations when we were in school.

During our school days, I can’t ever remember much of any of them wanting to become a teacher but now they are high in numbers.

I think I am indeed in the right career cos not only do I enjoy my work and love my colleagues but I have many wonderful memories of meeting old friends and making new friends, the library has brought me many wonderful memories and it’s no wonder I am so attached to my workplace, which has been like a second home to me.  Being able to work for over 23 years and still counting is indeed a blessing.

Just this morning, a colleague who seems to care very much that I am not able to enrol in the part-time diploma course, came to me to inform that I should try again and that she had even contacted her course coordinator to see if I can join in the next intake.

Much appreciated her concerns and care but I don’t know …. I have already accepted the outcome and so to pursue it again, hmm I am not sure.  Anyway since the next intake is next year, I will have to wait and see if there’s any change in my decision, for the heart can be fickle and so I shall see when the time comes. Really appreciates having colleagues who cares.

But for now, I am not going to think about what is still far ….. rather I am focusing and awaiting rather anxiously (though am not showing any signs outwardly) for the PSLE examination to start at the end of Sept and awaiting for the time when our family can finally go for a family vacation in Dec.   Been planning for it for some time now, and my eldest niece and I have been communicating back and forth discussing this and that.  Hopefully everything will go as plan.  Insya’Allah!

The last family vacation we had together was about 4 yrs ago if I’m not mistaken and that time it was a trip to KL. 

Also, I am looking forward to the 2 public holidays in October, Hari Raya Haji and Deepavali.  Already have plans for Hari Raya Haji, something different from the previous years, cos I am not going to cook, instead we are spending our time outdoor on that day 😉

Ok time out, it’s time to change duty and go for my lunch …. Yeayyy!! 🙂


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