Happy Teacher’s Day!

1st Sept 2014 …. a day to recognise our teachers who have work hard to educate our younger generations and our society in general.  In Singapore, this is the Day, we acknowledge and give praise to our teachers for all their hard works and sacrifices.  A day not just for those who are in the teaching profession but also to those who are not, such as the parents and grandparents who were the first teacher to a child and who are still continuing with their teaching of good moral values, characters and life’s lessons to the children and young adults.

Even though since 2-3 years ago, there was a change in the celebration day of Teacher’s Day in Singapore (the Ministry has decided that the first Friday of the first week of Sept be the day to celebrate), to me 1st Sept is still the official Teacher’s Day.

To mark this event, yesterday I had baked cookies for my children’s teachers.  Enjoy the pixs and to ALL, Happy Teacher’s Day!


Cookies in a bottle 🙂


Before baking …


All ready … our gifts of cookies for the teachers…


All nicely wrapped up …



Even managed to have extras for the kids to devour them hehee 😉


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