Saturday, 23rd AUGUST

This week has been extremely busy and will continue till early September. Yesterday had to work till 8pm and today till 5pm …. now extremely exhausted .. feeling sleepy and I think I will be turning in soon. Tomorrow will be another busy day but this time it will be settling the house chores.

After work just now, met my girls at JP, had dinner there and then accompanied them around the shopping mall, doing a bit of window shopping …. in the midst of “jalan-jalan” (walking around), I saw a stall selling blouses, I chose two and was about to pay for them when my eldest said “Ibu, I buy for you” … awww sweet surprise! 🙂

I was touched and was indeed happy to receive the gifts from her …. she really caught me by surprise and when I asked her “will you have enough for your own spending?”, she replied “Allah will provide for me…” Masya’Allah … Aamiin Ya Rabb! Semoga bertambah rezeki anak ku ini ….

There’s a saying … if you spend your fortune on others especially your parents, you will never suffer poverty.  This is something which I have always belief and practice and I am very glad to see that my eldest is also doing the same.

Frankly, even though the gift itself is a pleasure but the act is much more, and as I have always told my girls, when giving never expect any returns …. especially not from the ones you give cos when Allah wants to give He will do so in ways you never expects. Give in order to receive His blessings and give in the hope the act ifself will make Him be pleased with us.

After walking about for more than 2 hours, we heed back home and while doing so, I met one of my ex-halaqah sister, I was just saying a few days ago that I miss them, and here I was able to meet one of them … Alhamdulillah 🙂  It was a pleasure and I was happy to know she had 4 children now … how time has flew, the last I saw her was when her eldest was just a few months old.

Indeed change is the only constant thing in life …. everyday of our life, we are going through change. One can only hope the change we go through are ones that make us wiser, a better person and more steadfast in our beliefs.  Let’s all hope for more positive change than negative ones.



My surprise gifts from my eldest daughter …. 🙂



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