The closure

Alhamdulillah … finally the end of Hari Raya has come,  a final closure with my cousin’s visit last Sunday as the closure to the stream of guests that has been coming to visit us.  Alhamdulillah for the continuity of ukhwah among us, though, unfortunately I had to give a miss to a lot of visits to others this year. Insya’Allah if given the opportunity, will visit those I missed next year. 

Ramadhan Oh Ramadhan! …. I miss YOU!  Wishing that everyday can be a Ramadhan day…actually possible but unfortunately I am weak in Iman and deeds.

Next on the agenda to keep me busy these coming weeks will be my youngest daughter’s PSLE exams in September and the Library User Education classes which will be held on the last week of August – fist week of September.

I am most happy when I am busy though of course the tiredness will wear me out but these activities will definitely make me chirpy 🙂

So for every beginning there will be a closure …. for every task there will be a completion … for every hardships there will be ease …. for every tears there will be smiles … for every struggles there will be victories … for every meetings there will be partings… for every life that are born there will be deaths that occur … 

A beginning and a closure …. the start and end of a journey … our journey!


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