Eid 2014 – Family bonding

Yesterday, a day in which my kids and I finally had our raya celebration 😉

We went out with our extended family members on my side. We travelled by a mini bus which we rented for the day.

Alhamdulillah, we were able to visit all our elderlys…. I got to hug my aunts and even see my uncle who normally would not be home during Eid due to him having to work.

Dear Mak….Mak Ngah, Wak Mi and Wak Som are all doing good. They are ageing, yes, but alhamdulillah all are in good health considering each have their own health issues.

It was also good to have interactions with my cousins.

These are people whom I only see once a year so it was always a happy occasion to meet and catch up on all the on-goings on each side.

With these my visiting session ends 😉

Here are some memories of the Eid this year:










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