Ramadhan 2014 – The last few days

Alhamdulillah….. So far so good, the days of Ramadhan. We are left with only 4 more days and I must say the end always make me sad … Cos not knowing if I will be able to see this blessed month again and if I am going to lose the tranquility I gain during this month though frankly so many things happen to me yet I am very very grateful, for while facing life’s adversaries, somehow, I am able to remain sabr, which is to me is a blessing cos I am usually quick to get angry and to react….I am a true blue emotional person. Its no wonder since my MBTI is ISFJ.

Anyway… The end does not always mean its bad. An end means a beginning for something else and so I hope the month of Syawal will be good to us as well.

The supplication for our brothers and sisters facing hardships in other countries we shall continue and they shall not be forgetten, insya’Allah.

I have something to confess … Hmm… Actually there is something that I love to do nearing Ramadhan and with the approaching of Syawal … Jeng jeng jeng!!!

Here they are ….


 These are sooo super cute ….. I got them from my RO, a DBS Bank gift to its customers.


 These are from NTUC Fairprice (left) and Seven Eleven (right)…


 These are from Al-Azhar Restaurant …. I was delighted when the cashier gave them to me as I ordered food for iftar for my MIL.

‘Sampul duit’ …or beautiful printed envelopes to put money to be given to children as a gift during Eid later.

I love to collect them and my favourites would be in my possession for a whole year before I use them hahahaa…

Aren’t they pretty? 🙂

The above are my favourites this year …. especially the one from DBS Bank …so cute!

So with just a few days before the Eid is upon us …. I would like to wish all Muslims …. “Eid Mubarak”, May each and everyone of you successfully end the Ramadhan with a BANG! and May you celebrate Eid joyously with your loved ones.

To others who is still struggling with trials and tests of life … hang in there, be steadfast, be patience and be strong.



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