An open letter

I feel the need to write this letter.

The number of wars and conflict all around the world shows nothing but the greed of man …. It is sad to see the world being destroyed by the very people who lives on it.

The destruction of ozone layers, the destruction of the animal and plant kingdom, the lost of human lives …. All these by humans themselves.

As a muslm, I acknowledge that Allah swt is teaching all of us a lesson via the latest happenings in Gaza.

Its too sad and heartbroken to see the civilians being killed …. No matter what’s the reason for it ….

Nevertheless, I believe the oppress will not remain oppress for long and the one whose greed for land and power will not remain strong forever.

But for now, the most important lesson to note is that how weak the muslims leaders and community are right now. If you look at the world map, the other countries near Gaza are all muslims countries, regardless of whether they are sunnis or shias … They are to be reminded that they are muslims and that those killed are our brothers and sisters….. Not just because they are muslims too but because they are human beings …. Just like us!

Those so-called super power who supported the zionis … They too will become victim if the zionis gets too powerful. The tide of misfortune will come to them if they are not careful for once the zionis gets too much power, they will become more ambitious and I fear they will become or perhaps already become like their previous oppressor, the Nazis.

A lesson we humans need to learn and be reminded is that without the feelings of humanity, empathy and sympathy, the world will see the shed of more blood.

Without being united as an ummah, we can never protect the weak, the helpless and be proud of our identity.

Oh leaders of countries who has the black gold and power of the land….. Behold! Your kinsmen are crying for help…. Let go of your differences in the name of Allah swt, be united in your goal to be able to receive His mercy and His judgement.

Be the proud ummah that Rasulullah s.a.w. hope for …. Do not let the prophet s.a.w and his companions see how their sacrifices for us go down the drain.

Protect the weak, be just and live peacefully …. May these be the goals of all of us … For we are both muslims and humans.

Never forgets ….


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